Positive Psychology: 5 Tips On Managing Impatience And Frustration

man on bench

Stop, Think, Take a look at the big picture. What will you gain from getting impatient, and what will you lose?

Distract yourself. Take a book with you on the train for example and see the journey as an opportunity for some relaxing reading time.

Reframe your impatience. Instead of seeing a delay as a waste of precious time, try to see it as an enforced rest in an otherwise hectic day.

Manage your time. Whether it’s being in front of a computer when you are phoning a call centre or practising a speech while you’re queuing for coffee, using your time well alleviates your sense of wasted time and helps to keep your mind focused.

Communicate. Every time you feel impatient, tell someone. Expressing rather than suppressing your emotions will become habitual, it will help you recognise patterns and vent emotions. If you really can’t talk about it, write it down in an anger-management journal. Stop giving anger and impatience space in your head.

Source: Psychologies Magazine UK

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